December Item of Value – Writing Memorable Holiday Cards

We hope you are enjoying the wonderful Holiday Season!  In this month’s Item of Value you will find some great tips on writing memorable Holiday cards.  If you haven’t sent them out yet don’t stress – it’s not too late!  These tips will help you focus less on striving for perfection in what to say and more on the spirit of the season!

We wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday and a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2015!

December 2014 Item of Value

Staging Decisions – 8 Shockingly Bad ones

Staging 8 things you want to Avoid

Staging Decisions - 8 Shockingly Bad ones

Staging Decisions – 8 Shockingly Bad ones

Real estate is an intensely personal experience for many buyers and sellers. After all, a home, at its core, is a personal expression of a homeowner’s entire life wrapped inside four small (okay, sometimes not so small) walls

And while, ultimately, buyers should be more focused on the bones of the home—the things that will stay after the current owner has vacated—staging can often be the difference between a buyer bonanza and a dearth of hot offers. Don’t let your sellers suffer at the hands of poor staging.

It may be challenging, but a little tough love now, will make for a love fest post-sale—after the big offers come flying in. Here are 8 of the biggest staging sins sellers make and how agents can help their sellers avoid these pitfalls before it costs them a sweet deal.

1. Collection Overload
2. Echo-Chamber Staging

3. Failure to Edit

4. Silly Scenarios

5. The ‘Lived-in’ Look

6. Closet Cramming

7. Failing to Stage for All the Senses

8. Not Staging at All

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Flurry of office tower sales signifies downtown Tampa ‘time has come’

Flurry of office tower sales signifies downtown Tampa 'time has come'

Flurry of office tower sales signifies downtown Tampa ‘time has come’

It’s been a banner year for downtown Tampa’s office market.

Three towers have sold — Fifth Third Center sold for $47 million, Tampa City Center fetched $128 million and at the end of November, the Wells Fargo Center traded for $78 million.

Driving those deals is a multifaceted dynamic, investment brokers say. Higher prices and lower returns in bigger cities have created more investor in interest in secondary markets like Tampa, where investors still see potential for upside. But investors have also come to believe in the market itself, besides how it compares to its larger counterparts.


“There’s no way anybody plunks down $70 million if they don’t believe in the market,” said Mike Davis, executive director of the capital markets group at Cushman & Wakefield of Florida Inc. “It’s not just running from other markets. There’s increased demand for quality product in [central business districts] nationally, and Tampa has been a slower market to recover than others in the state in terms of the CBD. I think it’s time has come, and investors want to get out of ahead that.”

While the aggregate sales numbers are impressive, the pricing per square foot on each of the towers is well below what it would cost to build them — giving the investors who bought them a sense of security that it will be years before they have to compete with a brand new building in the urban core.

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Pay Off Your Mortgage in 10 Years

Pay off a mortgage in 10 years sounds crazy, right? Maybe not.

Pay Off Your Mortgage in 10 Years

Pay Off Your Mortgage in 10 Years

A home is likely the most expensive asset you will ever finance and can take decades to pay back, costing tens of thousands — or more — in additional interest. Not only does paying your mortgage off early save money, but there are psychological benefits, as well. You can rest easy knowing your house is completely paid off and you are living debt free.

Paying off your mortgage might sound impossible, especially if the value of your home is still recovering from the housing crisis, but it’s actually easier than you might think. Here are some ways you can start chipping away at your mortgage to reduce your repayment time.

Rent out space in your home

Accelerate your mortgage payments.

Make bi-weekly payments.

Refinance your loan.

Implement the Australian Method.

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Small Bathroom 6 Ways to Make it Appear Larger

Small Bathroom 6 Ways to Make it Appear Larger

Small Bathroom 6 Ways to Make it Appear Larger

Small Bathroom 6 Ways to Make it Appear Larger

In nearly everyone’s home there’s one room in particular that is smaller than the rest, and that’s the bathroom. There’s a way around that though, or at least to make it appear to be larger than it is, and that’s by using a little visual deception, and a lot of creativity. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Wall Color Is Key
  2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
  3. Transparency Is a Good Thing
  4. Be Less Vain
  5. Light It Up
  6. Be More Open

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November 2014 Item of Value – Thank You For Allowing Us to be Your Trusted Real Estate Professionals

Can you believe it’s the Holiday season already?  As we pause during this time of year to reflect on all we are grateful for, in this month’s Item of Value we simply just want to say THANK YOU!  We are honored to be your trusted real estate professionals and know that your support is vital to our success.

Attached please find a brief overview of just some of the services we provide. If we can be of any assistance now or in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Monthly Item of Value November 2014

What Goes Into Making an Offer Below Asking Price

What Goes Into Making an Offer Below Asking Price

What Goes Into Making an Offer Below Asking Price

What Goes Into Making an Offer Below Asking Price

You’ve found a house you love. It’s the perfect size, layout, condition and even has your must-haves. There’s only one problem. The seller’s asking price is too high. It’s time for the phase of home buying that most people dread and even fewer are skilled at: the art of negotiation.

Make no mistake, negotiation is part skill and part art form. An experienced buyer’s agent will know how to finesse the contract negotiations and save you a lot of hassle. Your gut might tell you that the asking price for the house is too much, but you’ll have a better chance of getting a lower offer accepted if your agent can back it up with facts.

A few key elements:

  1. Comparables and Statistics
  2. Following a Process
  3. Seller Motivation
  4. Making Your Lower Offer Work for Them
  5. Making the Asking Price Work for You
  6. A Backup Plan
  7. The End Game

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