Moving Day 7 Things to Keep in Mind!

Moving Day 7 Things to Keep in Mind!

Moving Day 7 Things to Keep in Mind!

Moving Day 7 Things to Keep in Mind!

After months of touring homes, playing phone tag with your mortgage lender and researching school districts, you’ve finally closed on a house. Congratulations!

Now the hard part begins.

Moving is always a pain in the neck (and back), but if you plan ahead and stay organized you can certainly reduce your stress level. Here are some tips and reminders:

  1. Book furniture donations weeks in advance…
    Although many donation companies will happily pick up furniture, many require you to schedule an appointment, and they can be backed up for weeks at a time.

2.  As well as your friends. Your friends are there for you for the good times and moving day, but no one is going                 to cancel their plans last minute for the opportunity to haul furniture, even if you promise beer and pizza.

  1. Avoid mystery boxes.
    Label everything – and be specific! In the first few days of unpacking, you won’t want to sort through boxes of heirloom china when all you need is a spoon.
  2. Rethink categorization.
    Box things up according to what, not where, they are. For example, you’ll likely rearrange furniture before putting away any décor. Keep artwork together so you aren’t stumbling over a box of decorative vases while reassembling your bookcase.
  3. Have the essentials ready.
    Pack these basics together so you can be somewhat civilized while putting everything away at your new place: Trashcan, dishtowels, toilet paper, hand soap, shower curtain and bathroom rug.
  4. Be conscious about weight.
    Don’t pile everything into one box that will be impossible to lift. It’s much easier to make several trips with light boxes than to carry a bulkier item between two people.
  5. Yes, you need a dolly!
    If you have the option to rent a dolly, do it! It will make your life 100 percent easier.

Moving is difficult enough – finding your dream home shouldn’t be! Nick & Cindy Davis are ready to help:

Selling Your Home? 3 Ways to Help Kids Cope

Selling Your Home? 3 Ways to Help Kids Cope

Selling Your Home? 3 Ways to Help Kids Cope

Selling Your Home? 3 Ways to Help Kids Cope

When preparing children for a move, it’s important to find ways to get them excited about the new house, school and even city they’ll be in after a few months. But don’t overlook the more immediate changes to their lives that begin as soon as you put your home on the market.

Here is what they might be thinking as you begin the home-selling process, and strategies to alleviate your child’s concerns.

  1. “Who is this stranger invading our lives?”
    Your listing agent will become a frequent presence in your home, and your child may see him or her as the catalyst of all the changes to come. Help form a positive relationship between your kids and your agent by getting everyone together over coffee (hot chocolate for the little ones) or dinner.
  2. “Where did my stuff go?”
    Staging a home often means prepacking some of a child’s favorite things. Involve kids in packing as much as possible. This gives them an idea of where their toys and clothes have gone rather than fearing they’ve disappeared forever. The personal favorites – a blanket, stuffed animal or even family photos – should be the last to go. It’s easy to store them under the bed during a showing. You can even have your child put them away so he or she will know exactly where they will be when you return from an outing.
  3. “Why can’t we go home?”
    Vacating a house for a showing can be disruptive to kids’ schedules. Take them somewhere special so they see it as a treat. A movie, the local bookstore or a special restaurant are all good options.

If possible, it may be a good idea to let your child accompany you on a showing so they understand what visitors are doing when you have to leave your house for a couple of hours. You can also ask your agent to set up a “mock” showing of your current home for your children.

Nick and Cindy Davis are well known for their years of experience. They will have even more ideas on how to make the process of selling your home a positive experience for your child. To contact Nick and Cindy Davis click here. or you can visit to find out more about Nick and Cindy Davis.

August 2015 Item of Value – Staging Your Home for Great Listing Photos

Are you or someone you know thinking of selling?  With most buyers today starting their searches online, photos have become one of the most important components to a listing.  In this month’s Item of Value you will find some quick and easy staging tips to make your home stand out!

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7 ways a buyer’s agent makes life easier!

7 ways a buyer’s agent makes life easier!

7 ways a buyer’s agent makes life easier!

As a potential home-buyer, it’s important that you understand the two different types of real estate agents. A seller’s agent looks out for the interests of the person selling the property while a buyer’s agent can serve as your advocate during your home search. Here are just a few reasons to enlist a buyer’s agent’s help.

1. They save time
These days, you can glean tons of information (not all of it accurate) on your own from the Internet. An agent can use their experience and expertise to streamline your search, guiding you to the properties that are truly appropriate and eliminating legwork on your end.

2. They have the inside scoop
Thanks to their professional network, agents often know of properties before they hit online listing sites.

3. They keep you in check
Shopping for your next home can be an emotionally charged, overwhelming experience. A buyer’s agent can help you keep your main objectives – and financial limitations – in mind as you sift through properties with alluring features.

4. They a have team of experts on speed dial
An agent can save you time, heartache and dollars by connecting you with trusted service providers such as painters, inspectors and insurance brokers.

5. They play hardball
Buyer’s agents are professional negotiators, with the skills and experience needed to get a fair price for you.

6. They don’t get paper cuts
They’ll help you complete all the time-consuming paperwork accurately and on time.

7. They’ll be the first to congratulate you when you close
A buyer’s agent will be your advocate at closing, making sure all your interests are protected as you sign that pile of forms at the settlement table.
Interested to learn more about how we can assist with your unique buying needs? Get in touch with us: Nick & Cindy Davis

6 Questions to Ask a Potential Listing Agent

6 Questions to Ask a Potential Listing Agent

6 Questions to Ask a Potential Listing Agent

Selling your home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. It’s important to have a qualified professional by your side to help you navigate the twists and turns. Here are some questions to help determine which listing agent is right for you.

  1. “Where’s the best coffee around here?”
    Although a perfect caramel macchiato isn’t critical to the sales process (though it certainly can’t hurt), your listing agent should have experience in your neighborhood. He or she should have bought and sold enough homes to know the area’s history, pros, cons and quirks, not to mention where the locals head for a good cup of joe.
  2. “How will you market my property?”
    Two balloons on a yard sign no longer cut it. Find out exactly how each prospective listing agent plans to reach buyers. A strategy should go beyond holding an open house. If an agent looks baffled when you mention “virtual tour,” it may be time to find someone more experienced in digital outreach.
  3. “How many clients do you have right now?”
    Go for the Goldilocks agent, the one with the slate of clients that’s “just right” and can give you the attention and energy you deserve. Even with an assistant, an agent with double-digit clients may not be able to provide the personal focus you require. On the other hand, if you’re an agent’s only client, there’s probably a reason why.
  4. “Can I talk to a previous client – or three?”
    Ask for references from clients an agent has worked with in the past six months. Some things to ask: How responsive was the agent during the process? Did the client get their asking price? What could the agent have done better?
  5. “How much would you list my property for?”
    Make sure prospective agents can explain their pricing rationale, including showing you comparable sales listings in the area.
  6. “What’s your sign?”
    No, not their horoscope. Ask about professional affiliations. When agents are part of the RE/MAX network, they bring with them the power of the company whose agents sell more real estate than any other.

When you’re ready to find an agent, start your search

5 Reasons Homes Don’t Sell (and How to Address Them)

5 Reasons Homes Don’t Sell (and How to Address Them)

5 Reasons Homes Don’t Sell (and How to Address Them)


Who Knew? 10 Great Things About Moving

Who Knew? 10 Great Things About Moving

Who Knew? 10 Great Things About Moving

Who Knew? 10 Great Things About Moving

Is all the lifting, hauling and packing of your move squashing the thrill of a fresh start? Totally understandable. But there’s a silver lining to every cardboard box. Here are 10 reasons to look forward to moving day.

  1. You can lose the junk mail. When you fill out your USPS® change-of-address form, it’s easy to check the “do not forward catalogs, etc.” box.
  2. You might find that lost earring, shoe, cellphone, etc. Though the cellphone may be too old for today’s tech, the satisfaction of finally discovering what happened to a lost item as you’re packing things up is priceless.
  3. You’ll find out who your true friends are. The ones that show up to help you pack and move are keepers.
  4. You can pay people to do just about every aspect of moving for you. There are professional services or people on Craigslist looking for odd jobs who will do it all, from cleaning the fridge to boxing your underwear.
  5. As you pack, you’ll probably come across things that spark vivid memories. It’s a great time to smile, remember and be grateful.
  6. The promise of having one more box you don’t have to unpack later is a powerful motivator for de-cluttering. And, if you can’t let things go, you’ll at least have a better idea of how serious your hoarding issue is.
  7. Your new neighbors will have no idea you accidentally backed over your old neighbors’ mailbox.
  8. The quiver of excitement and satisfaction that comes with taping shut the very last moving box.
  9. Moving is a very good excuse for a cocktail party to empty all your remaining bottles and finish off those condiments in the fridge. Why risk transporting that bottle of fine bourbon?
  10. The housewarming party!

The best thing about moving, of course, is your new home. Contact a Nick & Cindy Davis to help you find it: